This week’s Supermoon: be guided by your inner voice


At KYC Newtown, we are holding our monthly Kundalini Yoga Full Moon class at 7pm this Friday 28th August. This class will use the hyper energy of this Supermoon to enhance our practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and harmonise the mind, body and soul so we can hear the guidance of our inner voice and find the Truth of our Oneness with all. Book online now!

The full moon this month is the first of three full Supermoons. That means the full moon is near perigee, or near its closest point to the Earth.

This month the Full Moon is in Pisces, the sign that rules the oceans, this watery sign is also associated our most intuitive spiritual natures and our connection with the Divine as we understand it. Because this Full Moon is a Supermoon we will experience stronger tidal currents in our oceans and more powerful emotions and intuitive understandings.

Every Full Moon is an energetic high point, a powerful time for spiritual transformation. They highlight difficulties in our lives and give us an energetic opening through which we can create change.

Being in Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, means this Full Moon is the perfect time to release grudges, judgment, and control, and learn to be in the here and now. When you notice yourself becoming frustrated or overwhelmed, take a deep breath and try to surrender and acknowledge that some things cannot be fixed or changed and maybe they don’t need to be. Surrender to what can allow the results you’ve been looking for in surprisingly perfect ways you could never have imagined.

Beware, the strong emotions of this Supermoon may tempt you into Picean ‘escapist’ strategies of retreat or self medication with mind numbing drugs or alcohol. A better way to ease the tension is through yoga and meditation or just simple rest. Healing and growth are only possible if we stay with our own emotions and face our fears fearlessly with the light of our consciousness.

This month’s Full Moon makes a conjunction to Neptune, with the Sun in the opposite sign of Virgo, in conjunct Jupiter. Both planets, Neptune and Jupiter, hold rulership on Pisces. Neptune calls us to dissolve boundaries that make us feel different or ‘separate’. Both Pisces and Neptune symbolize the consciousness of Oneness, and open our mind to the Truth that the energy we put forth into the Universe affects us as much as it affects others because at our core we are All One.

The Sun in Virgo making a conjunction to Jupiter brings some optimism into our endeavors and guides us to new possibilities. Jupiter is the planet of the “Big Picture”, and its energy helps us to see the greater design and purpose behind the events and acknowledge how our life, actions, small details and decisions led up to this point in our journey.

Harness the powerful energy of this Supermoon this Friday 28 August at 7pm with Enza – a BIG welcome back to Enza after her travels OS too! Book online now!

Blog post by Enza Deluca


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