Rise Up every Saturday at KYC Newtown


When: Every Saturday morning from 24 October, 5am – 7:30am
Where: Kundalini Yoga Collective Newtown, 199-201 King St Newtown (enter via Egan)
Cost: By donation

For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas the Aquarian Sadhana will be offered weekly on Saturdays as a community service by donation. It will feature the Japji, Nabhi Kriya and then the Aquarian mantras. Our first ever group of level 1 teacher trainees will be practicing this set for the next 40 days! Join us every Saturday from 24 October to support them on this transformative journey.

In 1992 Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West, gave the Kundalini Yoga community the Aquarian Sadhana to take us through the transition into the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age was seeded during the counter-cultural revolution of the 60s and 70s, and marks a profound shift in human consciousness. Yogi Bhajan saw the shift coming and brought the previously secret Kundalini Yoga teachings to the west to prepare us for the global changes associated with this evolutionary leap.

Sadhana, meaning ‘practice’, is a daily practice for Kundalini Yogis done in the 2 ½ hours before sunrise when the energy is most potent for deep meditation. The Aquarian Sadhana is a community practice that prepares our psyches to excel in this rapidly-changing global environment over the coming decades. The Aquarian Sadhana includes the recitation of the Japji (a poetic prayer that encapsulates the teachings and chanted in the spiritual language of Gurmukhi ); a kriya (set of yoga postures); and a series of mantras (chants) that Yogi Bhajan prescribed singing in a particular order for a total of 62 minutes as a supportive and uplifting practice to sustain us during the challenging times of the Aquarian Age.

The Kundalini Yoga Collective (KYC) is founded on the ethos that we can create so much more if we work together then we can as individuals. By coming together as a community to do our sadhana, the collective energy we generate is amplified and has a greater potential to make a difference. Through our shared sadhana practice, we stoke the collective fire and support each other to heal and grow.

The Aquarian Sadhana at KYC Newtown is led by a different teacher each week and offers a new and unique experience of Kundalini Yoga. It is open to everyone regardless of age, physical fitness or experience and runs by donation.

The Aquarian Sadhana brings its own rewards. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, the Sadhana will lift your spirits and help you connect with something greater than yourself. Here are some thoughts from Yogi Bhajan about the benefits of Sadhana and its relevance to the Aquarian Age:

The greatest reward of doing Sadhana is that the person becomes incapable of being defeated… It is simply a means through which you can defeat all your miseries, misfortunes and handicaps.

[In the Aquarian Age] you have to have character to make an impact as a role model. You have to show people the way by helping, uplifting, and making people healthy, happy, and holy, with no thought of return. It is our time to walk on this path in spite of our handicaps.

There is a lot to do and you are a part of it. So welcome to the new times, new era, new space, and new humanity in which we will all survive – loving, respecting, and helping each other. The [Aquarian] time doesn’t want things, which are shallow, and which are temporary, and all of you I know have to make one sacrifice or the other. So see that you live a clean life with clarity of mind, and with an exalted purpose of life.”

We look forward to sharing the many healing and transformative effects of Aquarian sadhana with you each Saturday morning at KYC Newtown.

Love and light,

KYC teachers


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