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Detox with Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda


**4 week course starts Monday 2 February at KYC Newtown or Wednesday 4 February at KYC Bondi Beach from just $59**

Blog post by Enza Deluca

The New Year is a time of new beginnings and as most of us have a tendency to over indulge in food and drink over the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to commit to a Detox.

Our amazing bodies are detoxifying constantly throughout our lives, every day trillions of new cells are born and just as many old cells die and are cleansed from our bodies. This process can be severely impaired when our organs of elimination are not working perfectly. In particular the colon, kidneys, liver and lymphatics need to be in tip top condition for this natural clearing of toxins to be effective. The whole cycle can be sluggish when our digestion of ‘Agni’ is weak or when it is overloaded by overeating, stress, toxic food/drink, pollution or medications.

Even negative thinking has the potential to interfere with our body’s ability to detoxify naturally, when we are sad, depressed, frustrated or overwhelmed the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisone that we secrete convert to more ‘toxins’ that the body needs to eliminate.

When the body’s detoxification tools aren’t up to the job, the waste starts to build up. In an effort to get rid of the toxins your body will create illness symptoms like diarrhoea, a persistent cough, a skin rash, nasal congestion, fever or infections, all of which are self-preserving mechanisms to keep you well over the long term. Because we suppress these illnesses with drugs the toxins may not be ‘allowed’ to be cleansed and the toxins in the medications we take add to the toxic load. If you reach the point where the toxins are coming in faster than your body can eliminate them your body has no choice but to store some of the toxins.  The first place it stores the ‘excess’ is in your fat tissues. Myelin, the fatty sheath that lines your nerves is another site for toxin accumulation, and when these sites are also full the toxins begin to accumulate in connective tissue which causes debilitating problems like joint pain, aches and pains and many other diseases.

Kundalini Yoga kriyas (or exercise sets) focus on balancing and detoxing the body through asana (postures) and pranayama (breath). By combining the cleansing practices of Ayurveda we can further enhance our body’s natural cleansing processes. Ayurveda is a form of healing that originated in India and it is not surprising that Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, incorporated the healing techniques of Ayurveda into his teachings. Ayurveda cannot merely be understood as a type of medicine or simply a way to eat or utilize herbs and use cleansing practices, rather it is a complete yogic system of living with the purpose being to optimize the body and mind and awaken and heighten consciousness.

The four week Detox with Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda program will consist of four Kundalini Yoga classes focusing on healing our digestion and the organs of elimination.  We will also learn Ayurvedic techniques including :

Upshapan – water therapy to cleanse the kidneys
Ishnaan – cold water therapy to increase circulation and detoxification
Dry skin brushing – to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage
Oil pulling – to eliminate toxins
Herbal remedies – for cleansing the body

The four week course will run on Monday’s at 6.45pm at KYC Newtown and Wednesday’s at 6.45pm at KYC Bondi Beach. It starts Monday 2 February at Newtown and Wednesday 4 February at Bondi Beach (155 Curlewis St, entry via gate next to Civic Video, down the lane way past Vicious Cycle).

The total investment is $59 for the four weeks if you book and pay by 31st January or $20 per class.

For more info and bookings phone 0414663484 or email: enzadelucadesign@gmail.com.

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