Cosmic Antenna #7 – July 2016


A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos

The Test of Liberation

When I was about ten years old I had my first baffling encounter with the idea of freedom when I brought a mouse home from the science lab at school. After a couple of weeks I had a change of heart about my role as jailer and decided to set the mouse free so one fine summer’s evening I put the cage on the back lawn and left the door open. But when I returned the next morning I was shocked to find the mouse still inside, quivering anxiously in the far corner of the cage. Apparently the desire for freedom was not the high prize I imagined.

The Piscean Age has been the age of the expert in which we’ve put our lives in the hands of people who apparently know more than we do about our own health (doctors), our psyches (psychologists), what we consider to be right and wrong (judges), and how we should live together as a community (government). As we make the rocky transition to the new paradigm we are being challenged to take our power back and make our own decisions about how we want to live.

Liberation may sound like a no-brainer but in practice it’s not so simple.
Liberation may sound like a no-brainer but in practice it’s not so simple.

Liberation may sound like a no-brainer but in practice it’s not so simple. Like prisoners, we’ve allowed our lives to become controlled by outside forces to the extent that we’ve become institutionalized. The 2014 referendum for Scottish independence is a case in point: as soon as the gates of freedom threatened to swing open the majority made a bid for the safety of the prison cell. The food may be sub-standard, the housing inhuman and the company dangerous, but at least there’s an assurance of three square meals, a roof over the head and a community of belonging.

The discovery of Uranus in 1781, principle of liberation, coincided with the birth of democracy and the French Revolution. In 1789, a French clergyman by then name of Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès distributed a pamphlet arguing that the common people of France, what he called The Third Estate, were the true and legitimate French nation who no longer needed to carry the ‘dead weight’ of the other two estates – the clergy and the aristocracy. If any of this sounds familiar it could be the resonance with the Occupy Movement which began on Wall Street in 2011 to protest the gross inequity of wealth distribution in the US that puts the majority of wealth in the hands of an elite 1% of the population. In the current era the other two estates are the corporations and the governments they manipulate to maintain power, giving them carte blanche to amass a disproportionate amount of wealth.

I believe the three conjunctions of Eris and Uranus in Aries in May and June 2016 and again in March 2017 are the true portals for the transition to the Aquarian Age predicted to coincide with the culmination of the Mayan Calendar at the end of 2012. The transition process was building steadily through the series of Pluto-Uranus squares from 2012 to 2015 that can be roughly translated as growth-producing transits provoking transformational change through tension and conflict. This series of transits can be understood in relation to the exposure of the enormous cracks that have been appearing in the current global socio-economic system.

In my view, Uranus – symbol of radical liberation and the revolution of digital age technology – is the key planet in the transition process to the Aquarian Age. It is no coincidence that since its discovery in 1781 astrologers have designated Uranus as the planet that co-rules the sign of Aquarius along with the traditional rulership of Saturn. In my view, the key to the transition to the new paradigm is the revolution (Uranus) of consciousness (Saturn) symbolized by the marriage of science/technology (Uranus) and Aquarian principles of the truth of direct experience that will blow open the limitations (Saturn) of the current worldview.

The Koyopa is a feminine power that awakens the bodily soul.
The Koyopa is a feminine power that awakens the bodily soul.

Uranus also corresponds to what the Mayans call Koyopa and the Sanskrit texts refer to as the kundalini energy. The Koyopa is a feminine power that awakens the bodily soul. The activation of the Koyopa is often described as a bolt of energetic lightning that runs through the body and awakens us to our true nature. For the person experiencing it, the Koyopa is nothing less than a complete paradigm shift after which life will never be the same again.

When I was making theatre with inmates in Australian men’s prisons I experimented with Brazilian political theatre-maker, Augusto Boal’s, great game of power. The game involves using a number of chairs to set up visual representations of power – the kinds of configurations we know about from everyday life. By constructing these representations of power and then occupying the chairs, the men were able to explore how power devolves and what it feels like to be part of the configuration. I asked questions like, who has the power in this set-up? How do you know they have the power? Have you seen this configuration before? How could you change the power dynamic by moving the chairs around?

At the end of the session I asked the men what it is that gives some people power over others. Given their everyday experience of coercion in the prison system and in their lives outside the answer was not surprising: power is a gun, a knife, a threat to freedom and mortality. But when I asked what gives one person power over others without the use of knives or guns or brute force they were completely stumped. So I offered them the idea that power is an agreement – and their faces formed a squint of confusion. What did I mean by power is an agreement? So I illustrated by reminding them that when they come to do theatre with me every week they agree to give me the power to lead the group – no knife at the throat, no gun to the head, no karate kick to the spleen. For one man it was a huge penny-dropping moment. So we don’t have to be here, he ventured. Nope, I said, as far as I’m concerned my classes are voluntary. So we can leave right now, he tested. That’s right, I said, you’re free to leave. A ripple of nervous laughter broke through the group. Freedom carries with it the burden of uncertainty – the mouse sniffing at the open door.

After Uranus strikes, nothing will be the same again. We are at such a moment in human history.
After Uranus strikes, nothing will be the same again. We are at such a moment in human history.

The process of deconstructing the dynamics of power inside a prison system is itself an act of liberation. It has the power to precipitate a shift in consciousness through a moment of great awakening – a seed of illumination that can give birth to the new. Uranus is the truth teller but it is also unpredictable and potentially dangerous, which is why it corresponds with electricity, lightning and the ascent of the kundalini energy. After it strikes, nothing will be the same again. We are at such a moment in human history.

After eight weeks of retrograde movement, Mars is about to reverse direction. It has been slowing down for the past week and will finally station or come to a standstill on June 30th at 23 degrees of Scorpio, unleashing intense energies that have been turned inward for the past couple of months. Mars, planet of war, lust and desire, has moved backwards from the sign of Sagittarius into the sign of Scorpio, which it rules. Whenever a planet stations it gathers energy to pack an extra wallop, which will be further heightened by the fact that Mars will form a 150-degree angle known as an inconjunct with the Uranus/Eris conjunction at 23 degrees of Aries – a sign also ruled by Mars. The inconjunct is a challenging aspect because the signs involved, in this case Scorpio and Aries, have no natural affinity either through element (water and fire) or modality (fixed and cardinal). The inconjunct is like a dissonant piece of music that can’t resolve into a familiar consonance or harmony. The persistent attempt to find a resolution creates an inner tension which makes the inconjunct an aspect of continual adjustment and unrest.

With Mars inconjunct the Uranus/Eris conjunction, we have a growing sense of unrest as systems begin to buckle and it becomes apparent that our attempts to fall back on familiar ways of operating are not bringing the harmony we desire. The recent UK referendum for Britain to exit the European Union is an example of the inconjunct at work. In reaction to the real pain and suffering experienced by a growing British underclass living without hope of a better future the vote, like pre-Nazi Germany, was mired in the rhetoric of nationalism and fear of foreigners as a smokescreen for systemic failure. The more hidden aspect of the referendum has to do with the exposure of a deep generational divide between an outmoded notion of sovereignty attaching to king and country and the current era of techno-globalism that defies traditional borders.

Without a deep appreciation for the ramifications of an exit vote the British population voted for the return to an unsatisfactory past – strict border control and antediluvian migration laws. Mice quivering in the open cage. The day after the referendum people were beginning to understand what a vote to exit meant in real terms and many were expressing a deep regret about voting to leave the EU.

With no easy resolution in sight, we will have to decide whether we are going to wait for the jailer to come back and turn the key or whether we have the courage to break free of the current constructs and venture into the unknown.


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