Cosmic Antenna #6 – June 2016


A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos


Accelerated Motion

When the ground you’re standing on is in motion it’s challenging to stay upright. If you’ve ever been on a boat on a big sea you’ll know it takes time to get your sea legs. The best way to manage the perpetual motion is by developing a stable but fluid centre of balance to respond to changing conditions. The month of June is a sea of flux and accelerated motion. As we encounter these changes on both the inner and outer levels we will be called upon to make adjustments to the way we see reality.

The internet produces a titanic volume of data masquerading as facts whose provenance is becoming increasingly difficult to determine. In the information age, truth is a concept that is virtually impossible to define let alone pin down. At the other end of the truth spectrum, quantum science and new cosmological developments continue to shift the ground of reality as we know it. As a growing body of evidence becomes more difficult to refute, new paradigm concepts are beginning to trickle down into mainstream consciousness. The concept of an electro-magnetic universe contradicts the idea of empty space and opens the door to further development of zero point energy, a technology which can pull unlimited free energy from the vacuum of space. The ongoing discovery of a gazillion new planetary objects dissolves the boundary of the known solar system and throws into question the traditional taxonomy of the cosmos. The gap between the ‘real’ world and science fiction continues to narrow as we are catapulted into the unfamiliar territory of the explorer.

Retrograde planets help us de-condition from family and consensus expectations so that we can grow and individuate
Retrograde planets help us de-condition from family and consensus expectations so that we can grow and individuate

With Mercury and Jupiter out of retrograde motion and moving forward again we will be able to put our revised ideas and beliefs into action, so if there’s something you’re wanting to communicate about in the form of a blog, a lecture or a slam poetry performance, now’s the time to set it down. Bear in mind, though, that we still have Saturn (structure of consciousness), Pluto (integration of the shadow) and Mars (individual will) in retrograde motion, with Neptune (transcendent connection) joining them in the middle of the month. You may find yourself unable to conform to previously acceptable situations that limit or restrict your autonomy. You could get caught up in idealistic fantasies that dissolve into harsh reality. Or you might uncover a more covert agenda of power and control lurking behind an outward expression of love and care.

According to the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology which tracks the evolution of the soul, the function of retrograde planets is to help us de-condition from family and consensus expectations so that we can grow and individuate. The process is like a deep-sea dive into the subterranean layers of our consciousness to liberate us from the past and put us in touch with our own uniqueness. When we come out the other side, we may find that the de-conditioning process has given our ideas a greater depth and complexity.

In tandem with the ongoing retrograde theme is a powerful aspect pattern called a grand cross that connects Jupiter, the North Node, Saturn, Neptune, the Sun and Venus by four 90-degree angles called squares. The grand cross produces growth through intense pressure creating conflicts that can only be resolved dynamically through action. The planets in the grand cross are in mutable signs which are about adaptability and change: Gemini (ideas and information), Sagittarius (natural law as opposed to manmade law), Virgo (refining and perfecting) and Pisces (universal principles). This configuration will challenge us to broaden our worldview in line with a more humane, creative and sustainable model of relating based on natural law and the notion of a connected universe. What is right and ethical will naturally spring from these governing principles.

The Aquarian Age is a transition into ‘spiritual adulthood’
The Aquarian Age is a transition into ‘spiritual adulthood’

And just in case there wasn’t enough change to contend with, this month we have the much-anticipated conjunction of Uranus, planet of radical change and Eris, planet of chaos, both in the sign of Aries, archetype of the self, the identity and the ego. Astrologer Eric Francis calls this transit an identity crisis. We are in a transition between worlds, an age of uncertainty in which humanity is being challenged to take radical new measures in order to survive. We are in the process of redefining ourselves and our relationships with each other.

Kundalini Yoga master, Yogi Bhajan, referred to the Aquarian Age as a transition into ‘spiritual adulthood’ where we develop emotional self-reliance by learning to take care of our own needs. This is the art of radical responsibility in which we begin to take charge of our thoughts and feelings, our evolution and healing and the development of our consciousness on a moment-to-moment basis instead of projecting our unconscious unmet needs onto others, creating an endless cycle of conflict and drama.

This urge towards wholeness is mirrored in the marriage of new paradigm science with spiritual principles handed down by millennia-old traditions. There is a burgeoning movement at work creating new rules of engagement that acknowledge the validity of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine; the quantum and the Newtonian worldviews; eternal and relative truths; objective and subjective realities. We are in the process of radically redefining the nature of reality in a way that is altering the very structure of our consciousness.

As we ride the big seas of change we will need to develop a stable centre of balance. Many of us are cultivating inner stability through committing to a daily spiritual practice so that we have the resources we need to come together in a new way to create a new world. The conjunction of Uranus and Eris is teaching us how to become change agents for the Aquarian Age. If we keep moving it will be impossible to get nailed back onto the Piscean cross.


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