Cosmic Antenna #5 – May 2016


Cosmic Antenna #5 – May 2016
A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos

The Truth is In Here

I want to begin by asking you to cast your mind back to the April forecast where I highlighted the retrograde movement of Pluto and Mars – big players in the transformation stakes. If you’ve been experiencing April as a month of emotional turmoil in which you’ve been catapulted into old traumas and deeply buried feelings – perhaps none-too-willingly – then strap in and keep your arms inside the vehicle.

From April 29th when Mercury stops and changes direction, five of the nine planets in our solar system will be in retrograde motion. With Saturn and Jupiter also in retrograde, we will be entering a phase of even tighter contraction on the social and collective levels in order to give birth to something newer and truer.

This will be no dance around the maypole in a virginal white frock. The month of May has the potential to convert the unconscious conditioning of the ego into a purer form through herculean pressure – coal into diamonds. The first law of physics says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction – what expands must contract. The process of expansion and contraction aligns with the universal flow, mirroring the black hole at the centre of the galaxy that sucks in cosmic matter, submitting it to great pressure before spewing it out again to give birth to new stars. When we finally re-emerge from the constriction and darkness of the metaphoric birth canal we will experience a sense of expansion – a clearer view that will unearth hidden passions and orient us to a truer calling.

expanding universe
As we experience a sense of expansion we will unearth hidden passions that orient us to a truer calling.

With so many planets in retrograde we will have the impetus to break free from conditioned responses, giving ourselves permission to question everything that generally falls under the radar: our relationship with authority (Saturn), the origin of our belief systems (Jupiter), the validity of our ideas and opinions (Mercury), the true nature of our desires and passions (Mars), and the level of our commitment to transformation (Pluto). On a collective level, we will witness the re-emergence of unresolved issues as we submit them to a more rigorous analysis, shedding some light on the true nature of consensus reality.

As new information continues to enter the mainstream providing incontrovertible proof of a complex web of lies and deceptions on the part of corporations, governments, banks, the extremely-wealthy and people we’ve never seen or heard of, it will create a rising tide of public confusion and outrage. A growing number of more conservatively-minded people will begin to wonder: Who benefits from war and organized crime? Who really controls governmental data and financial operations? What ground-breaking new technologies are being suppressed and why?

The astrological chart for May shows a distinctive aspect pattern called a kite. An aspect pattern is a chart formation that connects a number of planets by particular aspects or angles. In the case of a kite, it is formed by a large equilateral triangle called a grand trine, which has a flowing or creative energy about it, and a fourth planet that opposes one of the planets in the triangle. According to astrological researcher Lynn Koiner, the kite formation affects money issues and seems to show up in the chart of disasters that result in important changes in regulations. A kite was evident in January 1986 when NASA’s space shuttle Challenger broke apart about a minute after take-off – a spectacular public relations disaster that resulted in withdrawing the rocket launch from public view.

kite aspect
In astrology the kite formation affects money issues and seems to show up in the chart of disasters that result in important changes in regulations.

The planets involved in the kite tell the story of the themes involved – in this case Jupiter, Pluto, Sun and Neptune, with Venus joining in at the end of the month. So here we have a story involving those in charge (Saturn), the ego (sun), optimism (Jupiter), power (Pluto) and deception (Neptune). The planet that opposes is particularly significant because it is the energy that is projected out – in this case Neptune, suggesting smokescreens and sleight-of-hand. There is a danger of grandiosity with a grand trine, an over-confidence that comes with its ease and grace. With the addition of the opposing planet, the kite pattern will manifest in the context of a relationship with another or others.

The grandiosity inherent in the kite formation may precipitate a gross over-estimation of the public’s capacity to keep swallowing misinformation. It has the potential to create a crisis of confidence triggered by an over-inflated optimism on the part of corrupt players who are so used to operating beyond the law they believe they are untouchable. People previously watching from the sidelines may begin to join a swelling tide of exasperated disbelievers in an effort to uncover the truth about troublesome events that just don’t add up.

The kite offers humanity an opportunity to bring to light new, hard-to-refute information about events that have been seemingly filed away, resulting in a public shock or trauma of a magnitude that can’t be ignored. Like, for example, the fact that the 9/11 attacks happened the day after Donald Rumsfeld confessed that nine trillion dollars seemed to be missing from the Federal Reserve’s Pentagon’s defense budget. A gargantuan WTF moment that conveniently slid into obscurity after the first plane sliced into the twin towers: information that should have cast a long shadow of doubt on the official story back in 2001. With Mars retrograde in Sagittarius until May 28th, instead of acting or reacting we will have an opportunity to research or retreat into our inner world to find out which story we believe.

The month of May is an an opportunity to research or retreat into our inner world to find out which story we believe.
The month of May is an an opportunity to research or retreat into our inner world to find out which story we believe.

The potency of the five retrograde planets in tandem with the kite formation packs enough punch to impel humanity to retrace its steps and subject past corruptions to the heat and pressure of public scrutiny. April has already seen the lid come off with a large document leak from the Panamanian law firm demonstrating how the rich and famous hide their billions offshore, as well as Deutsche Bank’s confession that it rigged the silver market, deliberately suppressing the price to its own advantage.

There’s an ugly boil on the head of humanity and the month of May could be the time to begin the unpleasant job of lancing it and cleaning out the pus. If we’ve been waiting for someone else to clean up, this could be the time to stop pointing the finger and realize the buck stops here. When we begin to take responsibility for our own pain and darkness, we will stop seeing the problem outside ourselves and become a living representation of the kind of world we want to create.

In the words of Tao philosopher Lao Tzu:

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.


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