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If you can’t make it to Australia’s first Kundalini Yoga Festival, KYC is excited to announce one of the festival’s International guests, Gurutej Singh Khalsa, will be hosting his amazing Invincible YOU workshops at KYC Newtown on Tuesday 6 October at 6.30pm. Tickets are $45.  Please please book online to secure your place.  Read on for more info or contact Harsukh 0431 996 480 or harsukhlovepeace@gmail.com

We live in a high-tech, fast paced world that places exceptional stress, pressure and anxiety on the individual. To compensate, people turn to alcohol, drugs, and other destructive behavior, the consequence of which is only greater stress and anxiety. Yet, it is possible to maintain personal serenity, mental and emotional balance, and solid stability.

Find the calm and Invincible You at KYC Newtown 6 October
Find the calm and Invincible You at KYC Newtown 6 October

The INVINCIBLE YOU workshops with Gurutej Singh Khalsa will give you the techniques and methodology, practical tools that you can apply immediately, to meet the challenges of the times and nurture the invincible you. Much of what is taught in the INVINCIBLE YOU workshops has been taught to people who live exceedingly high stress daily lives such as police officers, fire fighters, and emergency response personnel, as well as high-level corporate executives.

Gurutej Singh himself was both a police officer and the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Akal Security, Inc., the $1 billion dollar company with 18,000 employees that he founded. He developed THE INVINCIBLE YOU under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan.

TICKET INFO: $45 each, please please book online to secure your place.  For more info contact Harsukh on 0431 996 480 or harsukhlovepeace@gmail.com


Gurtej Singh Khalsa

About Gurutej
Gurutej Singh Khalsa is a yogi, warrior, entrepreneur, poet, healer, and teacher. He was a personal aide and bodyguard to Yogi Bhajan and traveled the world with him in that capacity. Gurutej is also the Founder of Akal Security Inc., which was the largest privately held security services contractor in the United States as well as the largest single provider of protective services to the Federal government of the United States.

Having learned directly from Yogi Bhajan, Gurutej is an international teacher of Kundalini Yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan, as well as the warrior fitness training that he learned from Yogiji.

Gurutej is the author of two books: Children of the Cusp, a collection of poetry about his experiences as a student of Yogi Bhajan; and Rajni, an historical spiritual novel about the powers of love, sacrifice, and transformation. Rajni was awarded the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence. Gurutej has been listed on the Sikh 100; number 24 among the one-hundred most influential Sikhs in the world. He lives in Singapore with his wife and son.



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