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  • Heather Robertson

    Hello again,
    Life swept me away and having landed again I would like to attend a class on Monday, however it is Australia day are you running any classes? Last time I attended you were located in Fisher Rd Dee Why is this a new location the Pittwater rd Brookvale with entry via Sydnam road?
    Sat Nam

    • admin

      Sat nam Heather
      Yes that’s correct, the KYC Northern Beaches team have moved to Brookvale. I have forwarded your message to them and a teacher will be in touch soon to confirm if there is a class tonight. Great to hear from you and thank you for getting in touch again.

    • admin

      Sat nam! Thanks so much for your interest in the Aquarian Sadhana at Brookvale. I have passed on your message to the KYC team there. I hope you enjoyed your first session this morning.
      Nam Hari

  • Jacky Stapelberg

    Sat Nam

    We have recently moved here from Johannesburg and would like to attend two Kundalini classes per week.

    Please could you send me more info?

    PS We are currently situated in Shackle Avenue Brookvale, is the studio within walking distance?


  • gayle parnaby

    Do you have classes on a regular basis my daughter has been doing these in NYC and enjoyed she is coming home and was doing some research for her. I would like to come as well I am not fit and need to do something for health I have to be at work by 8.30 at north Sydney

  • Kathleen

    Hello, I am new to Kundalini yoga, is there a beginner class I can attend or will it be okay to show up to any class and introduce myself. Thank you sincerely xo

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