Full Moon Meditation Friday 6 Feb


This Friday 6 February at KYC Newtown is the first of KYC’s monthly Full Moon meditations for 2015.  Using the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga and meditation and the power of the full moon in Leo, this months’ class will help you work on becoming more intuitive and developing your self sensory capacity. It’s also KYC Newtown’s monthly fundraiser with all proceeds going towards helping KYC continue to bring the amazing teachings of Kundalini Yoga to our local communities.  The class starts at 7pm. To book your place email info@kundaliniyogacollective.org.au and to find out more about what this full moon may mean for you, have a read of Enza’s latest blog post below.


If the start of 2015 feels rocky to you, it could be because Mercury has been in retrograde since January 26th. In Kundalini Yoga the energy of the planet Mercury is associated with communication, the mind, travel and mechanical objects and during the retrograde Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky, causing us all to feel lost and confused.

Mercury retrogrades can feel like your life and everyone around you has gone crazy. You may feel that there is just not enough time or energy to get everything done.  Take some deep breaths, tackle one job at a time and most of all give yourself a break.

Classic advice during a Mercury retrograde is – avoid travel as much as possible, don’t sign any contracts and don’t buy electrical goods. Traditionally, it’s also a great time to get back money or goods that are owed to you, settle up your own debts and spring clean your home. On the other hand it’s a great time to meditate and review your life. The feeling of being overwhelmed will highlight what is NOT working in your life.

This week as the moon waxes you may notice communication problems are causing tension in your relationships. This is not the time to argue and confront others, it is a time for patience and understanding – everyone is going through their own individual process of awakening. You may need to reassure yourself that all is well and that everything always works out.

You may feel as if you’ve lost your direction and during a Mercury retrograde it is easy to physically get lost when you are travelling so give yourself some extra time to get to appointments. This is not a time to make major life changing decisions, in fact making even minor decisions will be a struggle. Don’t be surprised if your phone is going haywire or your computer refuses to behave – blame it all on the Mercury retrograde and surrender. This is a week to take it easy, go with the flow, and do some yoga and meditation to remain calm in the midst of chaos.

Tuesday evening the Moon becomes full, the Aquarius Sun is in opposition with the Moon in Leo. The polarity pair is all about the balance between the personal (Leo) and the impersonal (Aquarius). The Leo Moon deals with the creative self-expression of your ‘ME’ the individual ego that we experience through pleasure and romance. The Aquarius Sun is highlighting our communal ‘WE’, the universal consciousness of oneness and neutrality that we experience through friendship. This Full Moon encourages us to find a balance between romance and friendship, and between expressing ourselves in personal and impersonal ways.

The conflict between our intensely individual ego self and our universal, non-competitive, all-encompassing true self is illuminated by this Full Moon. However these new insights are emotional and we can easily become overwhelmed as they are brought into consciousness. Along with the beautiful feelings of unconditional love come negative emotions of fear, anger, pain and loss of the ego self.

The planet Uranus, is supporting the changes in thinking we need to make so we can grow and evolve in the Aquarian Age. Our intuition is evolving and we are all becoming self sensory New Age Aquarian Beings. When the moon is full and bright our minds are illuminated and we can see and feel our interconnectedness with all things and the shift from ME to WE is natural.



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