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To be a KYC member, and teach at a KYC space, you must have completed your Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course. If you are in the process of completing a KRI teacher training Level One course you can join under any category as an Associate member. Associate Membership is also for individuals who wish to be part of a KYC hub or are working at a studio but are unable to commit to teaching a weekly class.

You can find out more about our current KYC members here.

Membership options

There are five membership options available. Each option is designed to strengthen the KY Collective consciousness and support KYC so we can continue to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga in our local communities and beyond.

1. Create a KYC Hub Membership – You and at least two other teachers want to get together to open a KYC space in your local area. The space is rented under the KYC name and all classes, events and promotions are advertised under KYC.

2. Join a KYC Hub Membership – You want to teach at an existing KYC hub on a weekly basis, and/or you want to be part of the local sangat and cover occasional classes.

3. Community Membership – At least two teachers from the same area get together with a common purpose of running events to either support a local cause, a common goal or raise funds towards KYC Outreach Programs. The events can be held at different locations but will be promoted as KYC events.

4. Studio Membership – You already operate a yoga studio but you would like to support the continued growth of the sangat in Australia by running KYC classes and events at your studio. Please note for this membership the Studio joins as an entity, not as individual teachers working there. Those teachers also have the option to join as an Associate Member to access individual benefits.

5. International Membership – You live outside Australia and you would like to start a KYC hub in your country. You need at least two other teachers to start. As the local conditions are different in each country, please email info@kundaliniyogacollective.org.au to discuss how we can assist.


The principle of seva is at the very core of KYC and its hubs, as part of a hub you will be required to help operate the space and share the load. As a KYC member you will be an important part of our community. If you have a particular skill and would like to be involved please let us know, we would love to hear from you.


We ask all members to contribute with Gurudakshina for their classes and events to help support the development of our Community Outreach Programs. The Gurudakshina will be used to help fund KYC’s Outreach Programs and support our mission to make Kundalini Yoga accessible to as many people as possible, especially those who are disadvantaged.

Member Benefits

When you become a KYC member you are no longer one voice shouting from the top of a mountain. Instead you become part of a collective voice, communicating with one simple message. Together we are stronger and more powerful to make a difference in the world.

The collective is run as a member based organization. Benefits to being part of KYC vary depending on your membership type but include help with set up, marketing, events and admin. Most importantly when you join KYC you will find a team of dedicated teachers available to offer their skills and time to welcome and create each new hub and grow the Sangat. You will have an instant family, working together through Seva to share these teachings, but also to create a legacy, which will live on long beyond our time on this planet.

Some examples of your KYC member benefits include:

  • Access to KYC Marketing materials i.e. use of logo, signage, posters, flyers KYC webpage and email
  • Access to KYC admin documents i.e. new student forms, mantra sheets, class plans etc.
  • Promotion of events and classes in the KYC newsletter
  • Opportunities to host overseas and local guests
  • Insurance (Public Liability & Professional Indemnity)
  • Discounts to attend KYC events
  • Access to participate in KYC Outreach Program
  • Community Support: Study Group, meetings etc
  • KYC banking and admin support

Marketing and Events

KYC assists with marketing support and members have access to our website, flyers, newsletter and social media. Each hub has its own page on the KYC website, and you will have your own KYC Hub FB page. You will also have access to promote KYC events on our weekly newsletter. We have a calendar of events and encourage you to join in and run your own events in sync with the other hubs, in particular Full Moon meditations, Sound Healings, Aquarian Community Sadhana, Summer & Winter Solstice etc. All members also receive discounts to KYC classes, events & workshops.


KYC’s insurance coverage for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity applies to KYC hubs or where KYC members are teaching as a representative of KYC at an event or as part of a community outreach program. The insurance includes Worldwide coverage. Please note full Insurance Cover only applies if all your classes and events are run as KYC. Our insurer has advised members should also get their own individual insurance coverage if they plan to teach classes or events that may not be considered a KYC activity.

Membership Investment

Our membership terms are usually 12 months with the exception of Associate members who can join for 6 months. All member fees go towards covering our operating costs including the website hosting fees, marketing and our community outreach.

Membership Type12 months6 months (Associate Membership*)
Create a KYC Hub Membership$120$50
Join an exisiting KYC Hub Membership$120$50
Community Membership$75NA
Studio Membership$100 (Studio only)$50 (for individual teachers at studio)
International Membership$120 AUD$50 AUD

*Associate Memberships of 6 months are available for teachers who are undertaking their Level 1 teacher training and/or for individuals who wish to be part of a KYC hub or are working at a studio but are unable to commit to teaching a weekly class.

More Info

Please contact Devpreet (Denie) via info@kundaliniyogacollective.org.au for a membership application. If you like the sounds of opening a KYC space near you – we’d love to hear from you!  Contact Denie: 0418 884 624.


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