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The benefits of yoga and meditation as a therapy tool and treatment across a range of health conditions are well documented but often the people who are in most need of the healing energy that comes from a regular yoga and meditation practice are the ones who miss out.  Part of our vision as a not for profit collective is to bring Kundalini Yoga and Meditation out into the communities we serve, especially to those in need.

If you know a community group who is interested in bringing the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to their clients (and/or staff) please email us at to find out how we can help.  

We offer weekly community low cost classes at our KYC Newtown and KYC Northern Beaches spaces.

Here are some testimonials and examples of our work with community groups.

Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre

“I am employed as Programs Youth Officer, Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre, St Mary’s and my responsibility is to provide and facilitate programs for young male offenders aged 16 to 18 years. Cobham JJC is a remand centre holding approximately 80 detainees awaiting sentencing. We engage outside contractors to provide low risk programs to engage and teach our detainees healthy lifestyle activities.  

Kundalini yoga is a great fit for our detainees with many embracing the style and teaching provided. We found that detainees gained an inner peace after each program and looked forward to their next session. Each program provided activity and exercise with a calming effect.

We approached Karen Day of Kundalini Yoga Collective to seek a new and encouraging program for our detainees and chose Karen because of her unique ability to present and guide our detainees through her program.  Karen helped us by teaching our detainees that her program was a safe environment for relaxation and exercise.

The result of running this program has exposed many of our young people to a form of relaxation and teaching not otherwise experienced in their normal surroundings.

One thing I liked about Karen was her ability and eagerness to listen and watch each class, to connect and refine her delivery to suit changing moods and groups.

I would recommend Karen to any group or organization interested in Yoga, keeping fit or just relaxing.”

ACON | Surry Hills

An opportunity to experience Kundalini Yoga in Surry Hills! – In 2014 KYC teachers offered a weekly class at the Aids Council of NSW (ACON) on Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills.  All classes were by donation and open to ACON clients, staff and the general public.  Thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to ACON for providing a safe and inviting space for us to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with more members in our community.  We hope to offer these classes again in  2015.  Contact Denie for more info on 0418 884 624 or email

Check out the KYC Newtown and KYC Northern Beaches timetable pages to find out what else is happening in your community.


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