Siri Prem Coaching


Sat Nam!

My name is Siri Prem. I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Kundalini Yoga Coach.

You might already know me from a KYC class or soundhealing. I also play the gong.

The current COVID-19-crisis has intensified a feeling of stress and uncertainty in many of us. 

There are many aspects of life being affected. You may be worrying about your friends’ and family’s health, work or financial future, or feeling isolated.

Or maybe you are facing challenges which have been on your mind for a while:

  • Feeling stuck or looking for a new direction:
  • Being overwhelmed or stressed
  • Integrating healthier habits into your life

A crisis is always a chance for big change.
You can transform your life now!

If you have more time at home – you can use it to work on your desires and for a better quality of life.

You can:

  • gain clarity and walk towards the realization of your dreams
  • become more relaxed and self-confident
  • make yoga a daily practice and support you living a healthy, happy and balanced life

Maybe you have tried to succeed on your own, but found it hard and frustrating….

Imagine someone supporting you on your journey, believing in your success, helping you to find your answers, action steps – and making you accountable.

I am offering this service to you: 

It won’t cost a fortune. I understand the effect of the crisis, so I just ask you to make a donation to KYC.

If you are interested in being coached, call me and we can explore if we would like to work together. 

Please understand this offer is limited to a small number of people. It will be a 1:1 Zoom coaching for a specified period of time.

So if you are ready to make great changes in your life now, please call me 0423-024575

Wishing you all the best for your personal development journey!

Siri Prem