September Numerology



The Ninth Dimension: Joyful wisdom or overwhelming craziness, Mastery or Mystery.
The number 9 of September represents mastery, completion, and an enhanced ability to sense the right path in life. In the science of the Ten Light Bodies, 9 is the Subtle Body—that part of ourselves in tune with the subtleties of life andable to read between the lines of what is spoken or present in a situation.September is a time for our courageous heart to move forward again.Intuition is the capacity to access clear information and stay stable.This month let yourself bathe in this Affirmation;I already have the gift of spiritual discipline.This is the greatest gift on earth. This gift makes me grateful for all that comes to me.
For by divine grace I have the power of knowledge, wisdom, power, love and gratitude to face life and be victorious.
Knowing I have this brings fulfillment to my life.
I am reminded to be grateful and remember who I am.
I breath the gift of life and remember I am the creator in all. I love in all.

We welcome you to participate in our classes and events as we create space to explore this month’s numerology aspects.
Sat Nam!


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