KYC Membership


New members please contact us via for a membership application form

Membership options

There are five membership options available. Each option is designed to strengthen the KY Collective consciousness and support KYC so we can continue to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga in our local communities and beyond.

1. Create a KYC Hub Membership 

You and at least two other teachers want to get together to open a KYC space in your local area. The space is rented under the KYC name and all classes, events and promotions are advertised under KYC.

$120 / 12months


2. General Membership 

You want to teach at an existing KYC hub on a weekly basis or you want to be part of the local sangat and cover occasional classes.


You want to teach at a community centre / yoga center as KYC, all classes, events and promotions are advertised under KYC. 

$120 / 12months


3. Community Membership 

At least two teachers from the same area get together with a common purpose of running events to either support a local cause, a common goal or raise funds towards KYC Outreach Programs.

The events can be held at different locations but will be promoted as KYC events, no regular classes are held.

$75 / 12months


4. Studio Membership 

You already operate a yoga studio but you would like to support the continued growth of the sangat in Australia by running KYC classes and events at your studio. Please note for this membership the Studio joins as an entity, not as individual teachers working there. Those teachers also have the option to join as a General Member to access individual benefits.

$100 / 12months


5. International Membership 

You live outside Australia and you would like to start a KYC hub in your country. You need at least two other teachers to start. As the local conditions are different in each country, please email to discuss how we can assist.

$120 / 12months



We ask all members to contribute with Gurudakshina for their classes and events to help support the development of our Community Outreach Programs. The Gurudakshina will be used to help fund KYC’s Outreach Programs and support our mission to make Kundalini Yoga accessible to as many people as possible, especially those who are disadvantaged.

$10 donation


$20 donation


$50 donation


$80 donation


$108 donation