March Numerology


MARCH Aquarian Kundalini Yoga Community

“See the creative act of God in everyone. Understand that bad and good are part of God’s domain. Your job is to communicate the best of you.”

– Yogi Bhajan

by AAA Ajai Alai Awakening International Kundalini Yoga & Numerology School

Every month, we invite you to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings as a teacher or as a student. For that, we use the Tantric Numerology & The 10 Bodies, the quality and facets of numbers according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.

Creativity in actions. Celebrate!
I have the right to be Happy.


This month, we would like to invite you to celebrate YOU as part of the Divine flow. You are part of the creation and have yourself a creative potential to manifest through your actions.

We want to focus on what we can do instead than on what we cannot do.

What can I do to honor myself today?
What can I do to honor the living divine within me? What can I do to celebrate life today?

Asking yourself these questions is a way to get out of the routine or the habits that we tend to fall into. Let’s say Yes to what we usually say No. Let’s go beyond the fears of “I cannot make it”, “What will the others think about me”, …. Let’s question the habits that do not serve our spirit and put us in an automatic-behavior box. Let’s bring fun into our life. Let’s bring some craziness to expand our field of experience.

You have the right to be happy, you have the right to be big. Being small makes us less seen by others, thus we remain in a comfort zone, are less exposed to their judgment, we limit our impact on life and on others. But there is no mistake in who you are ! 🙂

God is waiting for you to manifest who you are through your actions. It is time to take the decisions that have been waiting for you. Jump! You will never fall lower than the floor!

“When you put a foot on Earth, God says ‘Thank you.’ You are a walking identity of God’s creativity. You cannot deny that. Why create insanity? Who invited you to do that? Don’t feel guilty. Just get awakened. Just wake up. Start exerting your divinity. It’s your birthright.

Learn this rule: God who created you shall create for you everything when you exert your divinity. God who created you will give you nothing when you exert your duality.” – Yogi Bhajan


Diet suggestion: Question your food habits!

Are you eating what you really feel like eating at that moment or do you choose what to eat by habits? Do you buy the same products when you go shopping? Do you go to the same restaurant? Are you eating what really nourish you at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual? How is your digestion? How does your digestion change depending on what you eat? How does what you eat affects your yoga practice (especially your sadhana)? Have you tried a monodiet once in your life? What about 11 days of green diet?