Winter Solstice Celebrations – KYC Newtown


199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)

From 6:45pm until 8:15pm

At KYC Newtown

199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)

Winter Solstice is a time to go within, to look deep into your own psyche and introspect. Yogi Bhajan described Winter Solstice as a powerful time when you change the "oil" of your body. With the frequency of the earth and flares of the sun giving these pranic values for deep healing. 

Winter Solstice marks the darkest night, and the movement towards light returning to the Earth for spring, a perfect moment to go deep within and meditate deeply on what you wish to manifest from the inside out for the warmer months ahead. This is a celebration of our inner selves and also a celebration of the marking of the 40th Day practicing 'the meditation on the divine mother'. 

This meditation marks the beginning of a new you. One that is courageous, divinely supported and ready to take action! The meditation gives concentration and mental beaming, which tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother, a primal, protective and generating energy. This energy eliminates our fears and fulfils desires whilst giving us the strength and power of action by removing blocks of insecurity in our lives so we may succeed in this lifetime. 

Join us for a magical night to celebrate the divine mother, winter solstice and you!

$20 Online 
$25 On The Door 



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