Transitions To A Heart Centred World with Guru Devi


Level 1, 199-201 King Street, Newtown

From 6:45pm until 8pm

At KYC Newtown

Level 1, 199-201 King Street, Newtown


Transitions To a Heart-Centered World 4 weeks series

with Guru Devi

EveryWednesday 6:45-8PM

6th, 13th, 20th and 27th November

The heart chakra is the seat of love and compassion. An opened and balanced heart centre bestows wisdom, nobility, success, fulfilment of desires and a strong immune system. If it is blocked, a person may loose heart, be selfish, break his heart in painful relationships, unpopular causes, or great disappointments, or simply never enjoy the realisation of his dreams and desires. This is called the first human chakra and opening this centre can be a profound experience of compassion for others and self love.



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