The NEW Human Series with Shalom Drimmer @ Collective Healing Centre


Level 1, 199 King St, Newtown - entry  via Egan St

From 2pm until 4pm

At Collective Healing Centre

Level 1, 199 King St, Newtown - entry via Egan St

Shalom Drimmer is the Owner and Director at Light Chiropractic & Wellness, a lovingly run Chiropractic clinic in Glebe, Sydney.

Within the Eleven years of his Chiropractic career Shalom has nurtured and explored his long term interest in both science and spirituality.

Fascinated by the connection and interaction between the two fields, Shalom looks at ways to bridge the apparent gap between them.

And integrates these explorations into his daily practice, creating a fun, challenging, and catalytic environment.

This seminar series will be a two- part presentation that is designed to challenge and expand the mind.

PART ONE: "The Self" - 24 March
This seminar will examine and challenge everything that we believe make us who we are.
We will examine our memories, and challenge our belief systems . We will discuss the role of our nervous system in our understanding and concept of our reality and our self.
We will question free will, and morality. And we will search for questions that will drive our spiritual journey.
Be ready to lose yourself- literally.

PART TWO: "A New Model of Reality" - 7th April
This seminar will look at the fact that some of the worlds greatest minds and scientists have recently been making incredible discoveries Discoveries that point towards a new and challenging model of reality that, surprisingly, validates some of the most fundamental understandings of ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings.
This presentation will help you to shift the paradigm of consciousness that you currently operate under, towards a new understanding of unity and oneness.
This presentation promises to entertain and be, if nothing else, extremely thought-provoking.

Both seminar sessions will take place at the Kundalini Yoga Collective in Newtown. At 2 pm on the 24th of March, and the 7th of April 2018.

Cost $35 Online / $40 at the door



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