Pranayama Series – KYC Newtown


199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)

From 9.30am until 10.45am

At KYC Newtown

199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)


The first and last things we do in this physical lifetime are to take a breath. Along with oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, the breath contains prana, the life force. We are regularly taught we can’t live without oxygen; it is also true we can’t live without prana, the vital force that energizes the mind, body, and consciousness.
With Kriya and Meditation during our four weeks we will begin to understand that our rate of breathing and our state of mind are inseparable. You will practice slowing your rate of breath to demonstrate more control over your mind. You will see how your mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind.

This is an open workshop to all. 

$69 - 4 Week Series
$20 - Weekly Admission (Cash on the door)



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