Power to the Heart – KYC Newtown


199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)

From 6am until 7am

At KYC Newtown

199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)


The heart is the place where source energy can flow through the open spaces and can shed light on the darkest corners, filling the void spaces and unlocking the closed doors while healing the deepest hurts and most painful of wounds. Like a sunflower lifts its face to the warm bright sun, the heart longs to open to the warmth and the light of love, but can sometimes close and shut down in the darkness. A heart cannot see in the dark unless the voice of the soul is stronger than the silence of the darkness.


With Kriya and Meditation we will practice healing our heart, make love in our heart and then open it and share it so other people know that love is possible again, there is love in there calling us to shine.



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