Learn the Secrets of the Gong – KYC Newtown


199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)

From 10.30am until 1.30pm

At KYC Newtown

199/201 King Street, Newtown (Enter Via Egan St)


Under the direction of Don Conreaux Jaye completed Gong Mastery training in 2005. She is the most experienced Gong player in Australia
An international Gong player performing with Don and Aiden Mcintrye and in Australia with Alchemy of Sound, Healing Hertz and the Sydney Sacred Gong ensemble
The Gong provides:
Deep relaxation: Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual cell in the body.
The experience of your body being pleasantly light and vibrating freely with reinforcement of self-healing. Letting go of old patterns – a new order can evolve.

Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy, renewed enthusiasm, zest for life

This is a hands on workshop exploring the Gong

How to choose a Gong,Mallet and Stand

Basic Strokes and Gong Axioms

This event is great for healers, yoga teachers and first time students interested to deepen their understanding of the healing power of the gong and to also evolve their own understanding to heal the self. This workshop will be hands on in learning how to play the gong and reap the benefits of its energy.



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