KYC 40 Day Sadhana – Strengthening the Aura


It is said that to practice every day for 40 days straight, will break any negative habits. We will come together as a community, to support one another across Australia and beyond to step up to our divinity. Practice by yourself or in groups everyday during the 40 Day Sadhana, there will be periodical dates set to join together to feel supported as well as share experiences during the Sadhana. 

This 40 day Sadhana is a gift, a positive challenge and a victory. We will begin together on the 15th of August, and finish on the Spring Solstice on the 23rd of September. 

The chosen Kriya for this Solstices 40 Day Sadhana is the Kriya for Strengthening the Aura. The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body; it acts as a container for your life force, bringing confidence security, mercy and love. A strong aura attratcs positivity and repels negativity, like a shield. It gives a strong sense of security and an uplifting presence. 

Join the facebook group to share your experiences and join in by downloading the Kriya.

 Transform your aura this Spring Solstice!  


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