Full Moon Meditation with Eilish


Level 1, 199-201 King Street

From 7pm until 8.30pm

At KYC Newtown

Level 1, 199-201 King Street


Like a magnet, the moon pulls on the earth and affects the tides of the ocean. Like the earth – the human body is composed of about 85 % water and so we too are affected by the energies of the moon. The full moon affects the deep ocean of our emotional self – pulling buried emotions to the surface of our consciousness. During this time, the barriers to the subconscious mind drop to release the vibrations of the past through memories, emotions, buried hurts and pain. If you are aware, this is an opportunity to bring into the light hidden aspects of yourself

The moon highlights what is culminating in our five senses and electromagnetic field. We can either throw a tantrum or move this energy to our higher chakras through the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

The evening will be a combination of Kriya, Meditation and Gong Relaxation.


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