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Listening to my Feelings I Communicate my Truth In good company I Relax into my Being

This month, we would like to invite you for a self-reflection on which part of yourself you nourish through your spiritual journey & practice. It is a time to check where you are at. It is a time to listen carefully. It is the time to ponder on how negativity affects you adversely. Read more..

Through my spiritual practice:

  • Am I becoming more human, or I use it to separate?
  • Do my spiritual experiences, the trainings & workshops I attend, gathering with the sangat (the community of yogis & yoginis), my seva, … help me to develop a big and strong heart? To develop my vulnerability & openness, or to increase my sense of control over my life?
  • Do I increase my capacity to connect to others (the human heart is the space to know others’ experience from within ourselves), or I increase my judgment and nourish a thirst of knowledge?
  • Do I increase my capacity to feel others’ pain and joy, or I use their feelings to impose my judgment?
    Do I use my words to inspire and connect? Do my words carry the truth, or do I use them to show that I know?
  • Do I relax more into my truth, moment to moment, with each breath, or I project myself in the future and reach a certain status or goal?
  • Do I have good company, which inspires me to be authentic with others, or do I have friends only to socialize and/or pretend & play a roles?
  • Am I in touch with my original purpose, or I judge that I am not spiritual enough?

“Some people think if they can argue, they can win. Nobody can win with arguments. Logic and reason are not the way of life. The other person is not interested in being convinced. When you try to convince somebody, somebody tries to get out of it. This is normal reaction. If you relate from the heart center, you will always have victory with you.” – Yogi Bhajan

This month is an opportunity to connect & expand your neutral mind. Your neutral mind is like an empty cup, ready to receive the divine intuition. Trust what you receive in that cup, trust what you feel, use each moment to bring awareness and presence. Look at each breath as an opportunity to make a conscious choice and increase your alertness. Develop your capacity to listen and talk when is your time, just as the heart knows when to beat.


This quality of presence and connection will help you to break negative habits and the mind constructs that limit you. It is an opportunity to refresh your intention.


Diet suggestion:

Invite your friends and cook for them. Cooking is a beautiful way to share your creativity and your heart. Invite friends and yogis, and cook with them and for them. Cook with your hands, feel the ingredients with your touch. If you have a yoga center, organize a special yogic dinner cooked with love and devotion. The result is guaranteed when you have the right attitude.